Customer support / FAQ's
1 General
1.1 Where is Dog's Companion located?

Dog's Companion is located in Breda, the Netherlands. Our complete data are: 
Dog’s Companion
Minervum 7382
4817 ZH  Breda

Tel. +31-(0)76-5601340
Fax. +31-(0)76-5659060
E-mail: [email protected]

Chamber of Commerce Breda: 55866794
VAT nr.: NL001670668B31

ABN AMRO Bank Breda account nr. 478914962

2 FAQ's about ordering
2.1 Do I get my money back if I'm not satisfied?
Yes, that's right; as of February 1st of 2001, the 'Distance Selling' law is effective. This means that with every e-commerce transaction, the consumer has a 14 days thinking period to revoke the transaction without a statement of reasons. Returned goods are only accepted in this case if both the product and the packaging are completely undamaged and unused. The shipping costs for returned goods are to be paid by the consumer (unpaid returns are not accepted). Dog's Companion will reimburse the paid amount within 14 days after receiving the returned goods. In short: the only risk you take upon ordering one of our products is paying for the returned goods' shipping costs in case the product isn't to your liking.
2.2 Is everything in stock?
In principle, yes. All the colours shown on our website are available for ordering in every size. In case a particular colour doesn't have a specific size left in stock, it will be mentioned in the section 'Colours' on the website.
2.3 How long is the delivery time?
The delivery time is about 2 to 3 (working)days. If ordered through wire transfer, it will take 1 extra days from the moment the money is on our account. If correctly ordered via credit card or PayPal, you should have the product at home within 2-3 (working)days.
2.4 If I order a dog bed and it turns out to be too small or too big, can I exchange for a smaller/bigger one?

Yes, that's possible: you can send it back (we do not accept unpaid returns) and enclose a note which mentions the size you would like to exchange it for (along with your name and address). The difference in the amount of money for the different size will be wired back to your account/ will have to be wired to our account. Shipping costs are not reimbursed.
2.5 I'm not at home all the time. Can the delivery go through nonetheless?
Yes, the shipping is done via the parcel service of TNT. If you are not at home, then the people from the parcel service will try it again at a later point in the day or the next day. In the case that you then still weren't at home to receive the package, the parcel service will leave you a note with the address of the nearest postal office where you can pick up the package during the next 2 weeks.
2.6 Can I have my order delivered somewhere else?
Yes, that's possible. Upon ordering, you can select a different delivery address (for instance, friends' or work address). Make sure you inform the people at this delivery address that there's a package to be delivered. If the delivery address is meant to be a gift and you wish to receive the bill, we kindly ask you to give us this information under 'remarks' when ordering.
2.7 If I order a dog bed, do I need to order an extra cover as well?
No, this is not necessary, because the dog bed is delivered complete with cover. It does come in handy however if you want to wash the cover. Besides it's fun to have some more variation in the colours. Therefore it happens all the time that people decide to order an extra cover upon the first order.
2.8 If I place an order, do I get a confirmation?
Yes, but only if you fill in your correct e-mail address. After ordering, you will see an automatic confirmation of your order on screen. Simultaneously, a copy of that confirmation will be sent to your e-mail address. In case of a remark placed with the order; these remarks will be replied to later on the day (if needed).
2.9 I'd like to order several products. Does this mean that I have to pay more shipping costs?
No, standard shipping costs are £5.99. Orders over £85,- are shipped for free.
2.10 Do the terms and conditions (as mentioned at the bottom of the website) apply to ordering?

Yes, these terms and conditions do apply accordingly.
2.11 Is it also possible to ship to a country outside the UK ?
Yes, that is possible. Please use our international website .
3 FAQ's about the product
3.1 How much filling do the beds contain?
As a guideline, the contents of a new dog bed are: 

Small ; 50 ltr. 
Medium ; 120 ltr. 
Large ; 175 ltr. 
Superlarge ; 300 ltr. 
3.2 Does Dog's Companion use quality filling?
Yes, we do. We only use filling of the highest quality for our beds. This filling we use consists of new, small EPS pearls. This type of filling keeps its volume longer, as opposed to the filling which is often used in other dog beds, often this is recycled tempex. That type of material is of a lesser quality and has the added disadvantage of being rather dusty. Other dog beds often use fibrefill, which disables the possibility of taking the shape of the body it supports and also has the tendency to stick together and form bundles. The EPS pearls do not absorb any scent and are not poisonous. The EPS pearls can even be used for refilling beanbags. 
3.3 If I order a dog bed, do I then need to order filling as well?
No, this isn't necessary. The dog bed is already complete, well filled and ready to be used.
3.4 Is it possible to wash the cover?
Yes, this is possible, according to the washing instructions inside the cover.
3.5 Is it possible to wash the inner bed?
Yes, this is possible. However, this is only necessary if an accident occurred on the bed. You can wash the inner bed in the bath tub or in the shower. The filling will not absorb any form of liquid, so it will not expand either. It's best to hang the bed out to dry above the bath tub and to let it dry out in the wind outside afterwards. Drying the bed should take a day or two. 
3.6 Does the Dog's Companion bed come with guarantees?
Yes, there's a six month guarantee period on the stitches and the zipper (when usage is deemed normal).
3.7 How are the measurements of the dog bed actually measured?
These measurements are measured as followed: for instance, the medium bed (36 x 28 inch). This is measured looking at the complete, filled bed, flat down on the ground. So the actual size of the outside cover is a bit larger (more like 39 x 29 inch).
3.8 I have a dog bed from another brand. Is it possible to use your covers for the other brand's bed?

Yes, that's possible. The inner bed should be flexible, so it can be adjusted to fit the cover. Take into account that the sizes indicated by other brands might differ from the sizes offered by Dog's Companion; what we call the medium size might be called the large size with other brands.
3.9 What kind of material is the inner bed's cover made of?
The inner bed's cover is made of a high quality (dark blue) nylon. This firm material is also quite smooth, so it's easy to take off the outer cover and put it back on after cleaning.
3.10 What kind of material is the dirt-repellent coating made of?
The dirt-repellent coating is an all weather fabric: these all wether dog beds are ideal if you have dogs that have a tendency to get dirty while playing outside. This fabric is easy to wipe off dirt with a wet cloth and hairs can be shook off easily as well. The dirt-repellent fabric is easy to wash. From our experience we can say that the dog won't mind it that the fabric is more smooth than the cotton fabric. It's ideal when planning to use the dog bed outside.
3.11 I've purchased before at Dog's Companion and I'd like to order another cover, but I can't seem to remember the size. Could you help me?

You can check the size of the cover on the label. You can find this label behind the zipper. The inner bed also contains a label with the indications you need. But of course you are always welcome to ask us to have a look in our order history, so we can check what size it was that you previously purchased.
4 FAQ's about the payment
4.1 Which methods are available for payment?
There are three payment options: you can either choose to pay by creditcard (MasterCard, Visa or Ameican Express), pay by PayPal or by wire transfer (payment in advance). Be sure to check the overview of payment methods which is placed under 'Payment methods'.
4.2 I'd like to wire the total amount. Do I have to mention the reference number with my payment?
If you completed the order you will be appointed a reference number. This number will appear on your screen after you've put the order through, but is also shown in the automatic confirmation e-mail you will receive right after ordering, at the e-mail address you indicated in the order. Mentioning this reference number with your payment makes life easier for our administration and ensures a faster handling of your order.
4.3 Do I get an invoice?
Yes, you will receive an invoice by e-mail (in PDF).
4.4 Which bank account number do I have to wire the money to?
Upon ordering, you will receive an automatic confirmation e-mail which also contains instructions on how to proceed with payment. The bank account number can also be found under 'About us'.
4.5 How much are the shipping costs?
Standard shipping costs are £5.99. Free shipping on all orders over £85,-.
5 Other questions